Saturday, 9 January 2016


I a bit of a random post considering its not about pops however it's about another baby of mine, one no longer with us.

I'll never forget the day we brought you home with us and finners was hounding you so much you wet yourself.

Something ill never forget is the time you had a sore willy, I remember taking you to the vets and having to explain why I was there and them telling me I had to wash your privates in baby oil and water. It was pretty funny and gross all rolled into one.

My little Stanley :)

Day 6 and already ill

So I've started off the new year with a lovely little cold. I've have trouble with my sinus so when I get a cold it spends most of its time there.

Being a parent and being ill has to be one of the most challenging things, I'm torn between not wanting pops to catch it and wanting to just lay in bed and sleep... none of which look likely to happen.

How to you balance kids and being sicky?
Also, if you have any tips on how

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

(This was supposed to be posted on 6/1/16

Taking herself to bed.

Last night, at 8 pm I decided it was bed time, pops hadn't had a nap so I knew she would be sleepy but I didn't imagine this would happen....

I stood up and said time for bed pops, grav a teddy... She didn't. I picked up her duvet (don't ask why it was downstairs) and Right then pops started walking towards the stairs. (Has to be a coincidence????) Nope, up the stairs she goes with me following behind holding the duvet. She gets stuck by her bedroom door (the stuff she poured out the box earlier that day) I helped her past it all and she walks over the her cot and I put her in, duvet over, music on and sleep... until 6 this morning. I know 6 is early but pips hasn't been sleeping the night lately anywhere let alone her own bed so that's in the deffinate WIN book.

Has your little one ever taken themselves to bed? How do you get it to continue??

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Note to self, don't rely on timed posts.

Happy new year everyone!

We're starting our year off with a house tidy, yep... exciting.

What better day to start then new years day? With pops we don't get to go out NYE so don't have to worry about the nasty hangovers or just being tired in general (were pros at working through being tired now)

I've decided to have a resolution of sorts... to be more positive.

What's yours? Have you put things in place to help you achieve it?

This year I'm focusing more on the blog and will have lots more content. What would you like to see?

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.