Thursday, 10 March 2016

Comotomo Teether review and giveaway.

Pops is now 19 months and she's had 17 teeth since she was 12 months. Her very back 4 molars are on their way and we're getting the finger chewing and red cheeks. Usually pops wears her amber necklace but we've lost it and waiting for her new one. What better time to give her a new type of teether to try out...

We got avey in to help with this little review, we were sent 2 teethers one of which was opened straight away, gave a wash and given to avey and he took to it straight away. He's 7 months now and able to hold most things but the handle on these look like it would be fairly easy for smaller babies too. He enjoyed chewing on the little 'fingers' and I think it helps that there's a few on all sides so whatever way he held it he could find one to pop in his mouth.

Pops being older was a little less interested in it as a toy but whenever I saw her chewing her fingers I would hand her the teether and she would pop that in a chew away instead, the little 'fingers' on the teether are like a chubbier version of hers so think that helped that she could pop one in and bite on it.

They're recommend from 3 months and older and are BPA free. We popped ours in the dishwasher before checking if it could but luckily it can, it's safe in the microwave and steam sterilisers too... which is a GREAT thing as most of pops ones when she was younger wasn't.

They come in an orange and blue and both are bright and stand out which makes them pretty hard to misplace, popping a clip to attach it to a pram would be a good idea!

Have you got a teething baby? What methods do you use to ease the pain?
Have they got a favourite teether?

Let us know in the comments below!

Want to win one of their teethers? Click the link below to enter.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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We were sent the teethers for the purpose of reviewing but all feedback is our own.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Gender equality?

This is a bit of a different more serious post but seeing as it was international woman day yesterday it seems pretty appropriate to talk about.

Did you see about the company that allows their female staff 'period' leave? Personally I think that is the biggest step back that women in the work place have ever taken.
I've suffered with terrible period pains, I won't bore or gross you out with the details but I would NEVER agree for that to give me special treatment.
What are your views about this?
I understand some women have illnesses which means their periods are excruciating and I feel that it should be that illness that excuses them, the same way that if you're ill and your doctor signs you off from work.
What's next 'manflu' leave?

Moving on from that, we watch alot of music videos in our house because pops loves music and dancing but it's really opened my eyes as to how many women are just being used as 'meat' for the lack of a better word.
Shaking their bums and making suggestive motions. Is that what people expect from a girl bands music video?

I've never really concerned myself too much with things like this but now having pops regardless of her being a girl because I think it works both ways... The expectations people have and how it seems to be one step forward and half a step back.

I want other people's opinions so pop me a comment below, I'm also still sorting a giveaway so keep popping back to check if it's up (soon I promise)

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.